KIKO Milano: Review 

Hey everyone ! Greetings 

Kiko Milano Cosmetics is a leading cosmetic and skincare brand from Italy! I recently heard about its revelation and bought some of it. Kiko offers really affordable prices being a Drugstore brand, and has its own positives and negatives. 

Before beginning, I am rendering to a primary introduction. Essentially, Like I said, Kiko Milano has its positives and negatives. You can’t expect the best Cosmetics from all Drugstore brands, but Kiko cosmetics are certainly good to me. They do not come with fairytale packaging, but with a pretty one. They have a variety of shades available for all aspects. Conclusively, Kiko Milano is something worth trying. 

I didn’t get a lot of products since the brand was new to me. But I chose to review the few products I got! 
Enjoy reading! 

 1. Kiko Milano- 3D Hydra Lipgloss (glossy nude) 

I bought a lipgloss in nude shade, which comes in a transparent glass-like tube with ‘Kiko Milano’ written in pretty big font. It looks very beautiful on the outside. It has a soft brush tip. 
The nude shade I chose is pretty good, and is suitable for any type or shade of a lipstick. Since it’s a nude shade, it looks the best if you apply it on a pink matte lipstick or a very deep and dark lipstick shade, in my opinion. The gloss is overly pigmented and glossy, so applying only a single layer of it is advisable. It is also clearly visible on applying. According to me, the gloss is pretty good and I would love to get more shades of the same line. 

2. Kiko weightless perfection cream compact, WR90 SPF 30

Kiko Cosmetics offers a pretty cream compact available in all skin shades and beautiful packaging. It comes in a silver metallic packaging. On opening, it has a very soft and smooth compact sponge and a clear inbuilt mirror. As you open it further, there’s soft and feathery moisturised compact, which can be applied easily and is not difficult nor very easy to blend. The second section with the compact also has Aam inbuilt mirror as you can see. It is advisable to apply less of this if a beauty blender is not being used. It is also perfectly pigmented. 

Overall, I like this compact as it is very smooth and silky. But everything has its positives and negatives. The compact is perfectly pigmented but you cannot blend it into your skin easily. 

3. –Kiko intense colour long lasting eyeliner- black

I also bought a couple of eyeliners one of which was a black pencil tip eyeliner. It comes in a simple stick shaped- black tube. It has two tips, one the eyeliner and other the smudger.

The eyeliner is perfectly pigmented and is easy to apply since it does not smudge a lot. It isn’t very long lasting but works for least 3-4 hours. It has a cone shaped curved tip and is smooth to use. 

The smudger on the other side of the eyeliner is pretty smooth and easy to use. According to me, it can also be used to apply eyeliner when applying from eyeshadow or any other product. I love the eyeliner since it is pigmented and versatile.

4. Silver Glittery Eyeliner- Kiko Milano 

The pretty glittery eyeliner from kiko comes in an amazingly beautiful packaging, a transparent glass-like tube and the beautiful shimmer shining from the inside.  It’s tip is really smooth and shimmery and the eyeliner is easy to apply. However, it has poor pigmentetation. It will not be visible if you apply it straight without a base. In my opinion, it should be used over a matte shade of an eyeliner like a cover up, or can be used to add glitter to any eye makeup. 

Any information regarding the glitter eyeliner and is not visible clearly on the packaging, so I am including it at the end of the post. 

5. Kiko Milano Stick Concealer- color corrector 

Kiko Cosmetics gives away a great and pure concealer which comes in a simple black coloured tube. Personally, I always prefer liquid concealed since they are smoother. I’m not that big of a stick concealer fan. But I liked this concealer. It is pretty easy to apply and blend. It has great pigmentation and is available in distinguished skin shades. I really like the concealer but I wouldn’t promise to buy it again. 

So ! That’s it for now. Hope you all enjoyed reading. I think that Kiko Cosmetics is a great Drugstore brand and offers Cosmetics at affordable prices. Thanks for reading! 

And also, here’s the information regarding the glittery eyeliner. 

-Glitter eyeliner gel formula // Made in Italy// 72072002

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