What’s in my travel tote ?

Travelling is an essential part of my life. They say, that the world is like a book, and if you don’t travel, you read only one page. I love travelling ! I always have a go-to travel bag ready ! I wanted to share with you all, my travel bag essentials. 

There’s nothing better than a systematic bag while travelling. Travelling is bound to make you tired! So here are some things, that I carry with me as essential while travelling!

1. The Body Shop British Rose Hand Cream- This petal soft hand cream helps me with my cuticles. Since most airlines don’t allow creams, it is advisable to keep it in your main luggage.

2. Peppermints- Believe it or not, I never forget to carry peppermints if chewing gums with me while travelling in any case. They help me get through long distances. They are a great way to avoid air-sickness or any kind of travel phobia.

3. The Body Shop Born Lippy and Baby Lips Electro Pop- Lip cares are the most important to me. I absolutely love them and think that it’s important for me to carry them while travelling!

4. Novels or memoirs- I love reading ! And my favourite Clift pastime is to listen to songs and read. Reading  novels is a great way to drag yourself into a different world!

5. Bath and Body works anti bacterial hand gel- Bath and Body works offers some of the best skincare products. The hand gel helps me to get through after travelling and feels relieving to my hands. 

6. Headphones and Chargers- The most essential ones! 

7. Towels/ Face Wipes- Towels or face wipes are a great way to freshen yourself in between or after travelling ! According to me, they are absolutely important!

8. A notepad and a pen- You don’t know when you could come up with amazing ideas!! Amazing ideas for your social media, or a project. Jotting them down on your phone isn’t any fun, writing them in a notepad definitely helps !

9. Cotton Balls and Nail Polishes- I am crazy about doing my nails ! So I always carry 2-3 cotton balls and nail polish shades with me. 

10. Maybelline New York Colossal Volume Express and Nyx buttergloss.- Mascara and a lip gloss, the only makeup products I like to carry. I’m not really much of a makeup geek, so I like to carry lesser, and stay natural while travelling.

The most important, downloaded NETFLIX episodes! I always download a few episodes of my favourite shows while travelling. I thought I’d make a joke at last 😉 

Thank you guys for reading! Hope you liked my post. DO suggest some ideas for the next post ! Thanks :))


Anushka 🙂 

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