Review: Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette: Iconic 2

Hey guys ! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I’m back with another review ! 

I have thinking of reviewing the makeup revolution palettes since a long time. I decided to do Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 redemption palette. I bought it online from for ₹899 ($13). 

Let’s begin with packaging, then swatches, shades + additional pros and cons. Hope you all enjoy !

Packaging- The Palette comes in a pretty black packaging. The packaging is similar to the other redemption palettes by makeup revolution. She shades are clearly visible from the outside and the palette does not have an inbuilt mirror, so it is advisable to carry one.

I would like to include the swatches-

The palette mostly has shimmery shades, but it also has a few matte and semi matte ones. I have listed the shades below (left to right)-

1. A matte nude shade with perfect pigmentation, and can be used as an eye base. 

2. Shimmery Golden shade with great visibility.

3. A semi matte pearl-ish nude shade, with a good amount of pigmentation, a very commonly used and beautiful shade.

4. A very shimmery orange-ish shade, with perfect pigmentation.

5. A bronze-nude matte shade, with very light pigmentation.

6. Again, a shimmery golden with a great amount of pigmentation, but with a touch of bronze.

7. A silver-golden shimmery shade, with an effect of pearl and a good amount of pigmentation. 

8. Silver, perfectly pigmented. 

9. A semi matte silvery shade, which is fairly pigmented.

10. Super shimmery orange gold, with perfect pigmentation.

11. Shimmery and glowy brown shade, with a great amount of pigmentation.

12. Super pigmented matte black shade.

Overall , I love this palette, especially shades 1,11 and 12. I think shade 5 is not that good, and does not suit all skin tones.

Let’s come to the pros and cons now. The most positive points of this palette are that it is available easily in most of the countries, comes in a vulnerable packaging, has blendable and amazing shades which can be applied on all occasions and also, stays for a long time even without primer. The shades of this palette are very versatile and can be used for multiple purposes.

I think shades 3 and 10 can also be used as highlighters, while the last shade, black, is also good for applying a smoky eyeliner.

The palette has not many, but only a couple of  disadvantages. One of them being, that shade 5 is not merely pigmented, and the second one being that India doesn’t have makeup revolution stores, so Indians may face problem finding it. 

So, that’s it for right now. According to me, the palette is amazing and I would definitely buy it again sometime, but I would prefer trying the iconic 1 and 3 palettes after this one. I shall recommend this palette to everyone who loves makeup, since it is very travel friendly and with great shades.

Thanks for reading!

Anushka 🙂

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