A Day In My Life! May 2017

Hey guys! Greetings to you all 🙂
I am a big fan of ‘day in the life’ posts! I love them. For the post, I thought I’d make a record of how a particular day went, while also writing about how my usual days are. I have always been more of a stay-at-home person, so I really don’t encourage going out a lot, but I enjoy how my days go, and I Aim to use my days-off in a very productive and beneficial way. 

So I have thinking of doing a day in my life post since a long time ! So that is what a day in my life looks like, in the month of May. 

My days are nothing special in the month of May, since I’m off from school. A usual day consists of reading, blogging, doing some schoolwork, doing Instagram and blog picture sessions, and meals with my family. Here’s how my day went !!

Here’s my outfit from May 17, Wednesday ! You can check out the details on the ootd page. 

OOTD// Fashion
May 17/2017
8.45 AM- I’m up from bed. I usually wake up late when I’m off from school. I head out of my bedroom to complete the usual morning jitters. I have my first meal, and while eating, I check social media. 9.45-10 is the time that I usually spend 10-15 minutes deciding my outfit for the day. Standing in front of my closet is the part of the day I don’t like :p I binge watch Netflix and schedule my day ahead while chatting with my family. I follow this same schedule everyday, only that doing schoolwork in the morning is included thrice a week, and May 17, wasn’t one of them.

11 AM- I have my outfit ready, and I take my stuff and jump into the shower. I love long showers during day-offs, which have been going on pretty much for about a month. Once I’m out, I get dressed and put on an elegant matte lipstick from faces Canada, some mascara and base. Most days I follow the same routine which consists of moisturiser, sunscreen, some makeup and fragrance. 

12 NOON– Once I’m ready, I take a few pictures for my ootd posts, and check social media last minute. I get into the car to go to my friend’s for lunch. We hangout, and take a few pictures, since I had to be active on social media all my day. I don’t have my second meal with my friends most days, but for me, 12 noon is usually the time I go out, to the mall, or anywhere. 

3.30 PM- I get home after dropping a couple of friends off, and picking my sister up from the mall. I chat with my sister and we have some fruits, post on social media and the blog. This is the time I practise marketing my blog and communicate with blogging communities. This is my favourite part of my day, because I don’t really have to do anything, I get time to relax myself. 

5 PM– I chat with my family and arrange my stuff. I plan out my blog posts and do some school work. The next hour is spent taking pictures for my blog and writing post excerpts on my phone. After completing all of this, usually, me and my sister binge watch Netflix, or simply watch television. I am obsessed with pretty little liars, so I watch some recorded episodes while checking social media and chatting with my friends. 

7 PM– I draw, and doodle, a sketch and some basic stuff, just to practice. I love sketching, and doodling, since it feels relieving after the daytime to do something you like. I go and check on outside, to my porch, and to get some fresh air. It doesn’t get dark until 7.30 during the month of May, since it’s summers. 

8 PM– This is the time when I complete pre-sleep fidgets, like washing my face and changing into casual-er clothes. I get into WordPress and check stats for the day. Going here and there by 9 pm, I have dinner with my family while we talk. Dinner at my place is usually pleasant, so it gives out fine vibes. 

9.30 PM– I randomly eat something which I shouldn’t :p and I spread my blanket onto my bed and write this post, which takes me about 30-45 minutes. I refer some similar posts, to get a basic idea of day in the life posts. I chat with a few friends. This is also the time where I do anything I want to, like painting my nails, practising some makeup, making different kind of braids out of my hair and more !

11 PM– Finally, my favourite way to end the day, read and listen to music. I read, novels, memoirs, while listening to music. Currently I am reading ‘Flawless’, the second novel in the pretty little liars series and I occasionally read Lilly Singh’s ‘How to be a Bawse’. I stay up late reading, listening to music, and binge watching America’s next top model. I manage to check social media and get my fair share of a good night sleep. 

This was pretty much how my days pass, except for when I’m travelling, any special occasion, or even a little here-and-there in my routine 🙂
Thanks for reading guys! I really appreciate you all ❤ Don’t forget to like, comment and share this post! 


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