May 20- A Leisurely Lunch !

Hey guys ! Hope you are all having a nice day. May 20 was my sister’s birthday ! Me, her friends and her went for an amazing brunch to Jehan Numa Palace’s ‘La Kuchina’ Italian restaurant! We met our friends at our place, and headed toward the restaurant from there. There were 9 of us, dressed in bohemian, summery outfits. I asked my parents if we could go to the Italian place, to which they happily agreed. 

You can checkout my outfit here-

Upon entering, we were greeted pleasantly by the staff who were dressed up in Italian-western, we occupied a joint table for the 9 of us. I love the interior of the restaurant, since it has been made in a very European way, and offers the best Italian meals in the city. They have an amazing variety of Italian stuff, and the options you have are endless. The calm ambience of the place makes you feel better, relieved and special. 


Before beginning with the meal, we ordered a pineapple cake, which we would have after the meal. We ordered a small amount of Italian, since it was only 9 of us, and some juices and lemonades. We spent some time wandering around the place, from their grasses to cafés, clicking pictures, and making beautiful memories. 

As we returned to the place, they had our mojitos and juices ready, and we enjoyed them, toasting to us, on my sister’s 15th. They soon enlightened our plates with two kinds of spaghetti pastas, garlic breads, and vegetarian, thin-crusted pizzas. 

I would definitely say that Jehan Numa palace is the best place to eat here, in Bhopal. They have the best varieties of food, from vegan to vegetarian and non vegetarian, and from Indian to Italian. After we had our fair share of the meal, we had my sister enlighten us with a pineapple cake for desert. 

We completed our meal with an awesome and sweet cake. 

After the meal, we just wandered around the place. The place is the best in the city and I would recommend everyone to visit it atleast once. 

The place has a beautiful campus to wander around, and a coffee shop which has pictures of legends like Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, and Audrey Hepburn on the walls. 

The outside of the place 

The meal we had there cost us about ₹6000, ($85) which is not very expensive, so yeah, the place is reasonable. 

Thanks for reading ! 


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