Haul+Short Reviews- MAC // Nykaa

Hey everyone ! Hope you all doing well. I have always been a big fan of MAC cosmetics ! They have the most amazing products and is an affordable high end brand. I visited the MAC store in Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai. I bought three amazing products from the store including a highlighter, a lip liner and a brush. 
Talking of Nykaa, This is my one stop online store for cosmetics. They have the best products online in the country. Me and my sister bought 3 Drugstore products and a MAC lipstick from Nykaa. I would love to include pictures of the stuff I bought!

Let’s begin with MAC cosmetics! All of this stuff is available at MAC stores. 

1. MAC Mineralised skin finish. Shade- Soft and Gentle- The MAC highlighter from the mineralised skin finish line offers a soft, gentle and beautiful shade, like the name suggests. It’s pigmentation is the best you’ll ever need. I would be wrong if I say anything negative about this beautiful highlighter. I’m totally obsessing over this! This highlighter is an oh-so-good purchase and everyone should try it out at least once 🙂 (₹2600)

2. MAC Soar Lip pencil- To be honest, I didn’t have a pretty lip pencil until today. The term ‘soar’ itself sounds calm and beautiful, which sums up this Lip pencil perfectly ! I would describe this pencil as bronze-pink, which is my absolute favourite shade! Over everything, this lip pencil is pretty good, and can be easily applied as a base or an individual shade. (₹1450)

3. MAC 217 blending brush- The MAC 217 brush gives you a great finish with your eyeshadow/highlighter/contour/blush. It is very versatile and easily applicable. I love this brush and I did need a MAC brush since I don’t have a big collection of brushes, I’m still collecting 🙂 (₹1800) 

Pros and Cons of MAC cosmetics- MAC is one the best brands, and offers amazing stuff. However they do have 0.00000001% of stuff which does not work like you expect it too, I wouldn’t list those here, since I wouldn’t like to point MAC out. But yes, MAC is totally my favourite and I would love to recommend it to everyone, and have whole collection of it to myself. 

Let’s now come up to Nykaa!

All of this is available at 

1. Beauty Blender– Like we all know, beauty blender does miracles, and an original beauty blender adds the icing on the cake! Those lines say it all :p (₹2000) 

2. MAC Foux Satin Lipstick- Like I told, I’m obsessed with stuff from MAC, just like this beautiful nude-pink lipstick! I absolutely love it and the shade, and it’s offers great visibility and pigmentation. (₹1500) 

3. Maybelline fit me Matte Portless foundation– Maybelline is totally my favourite Drugstore brand and they do have great dupes for high end stuff. However, this foundation isn’t as good as I expected it to be. First of all, it doesn’t have a proper brush. Secondly, it is a thin liquid which can pretty much create a mess. But I would like to use this since it is perfect for my shade, and is can be easily blended too. (₹500)

4. Makeup revolution Shimmer brick highlighters- this highlighter kit has five amazing light-to-dark shades. The first one is an off-white, the second one being baby pink-ish, the third one orange-bronze, fourth one dark orange-ish and the last one being like more colour to bronze. I love these highlighters as they have an amazing glow capacity. I love the first four shades, and last one is good to, just not as good as the others, according to me. The kit is pretty good and I would like to recommend this to everyone looking for cheap but good highlighters. (₹600) 

Pros and cons of Nykaa products-

Overall, these products are definitely amazing in my opinion. However, It is advisable to test them before actually buying. I wouldn’t write very long, but I am happy with how everything turned out!
This is it for today guys! I hope you all liked it and don’t forget to like, comment, share and follow ! 
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