Organising Makeup- Tips and Tricks!

Hey everyone ! Hope you all are having a great day ! I’m not really a systematic person, but I own stuff which really needed to be organised. Everything just looks so pretty, but I get too lazy to arrange everything. But today I tried to stop my laziness for a while. Today was the day I gave my makeup drawers a little makeover ! I organised them more carefully and systematically. Since I don’t have a big collection, it was easy. I also made space for the future, since whenever I get new stuff, I don’t have to rearrange everything to fit that in! 

Here are a few tips and tricks to organise your makeup!

1. Use Attractive Stuff- My makeup should look pretty and Pinterest, it’s a top priority. Making it look presentable feels self satisfying to me ! Use colourful cups, stickers and flowers !

2. Organise your lipsticks shadewise- I have lipsticks more than anything else! And finding the shade you want can be a big pain and a waste of time! So I say, go with shade-wise organisation. Keep the reds together, the pinks together and most importantly, do not mix them up with glosses or lip liners. You can also organise them by matte and glossy. 

3. Keep everything separately- Eyeliners, Eyeshadow palettes, Fooundations, Lipsticks, everything should be kept separately. According to me, keeping different things together can create an awful mess.

4. Here’s a list of stuff that can be kept together in case of less room-

-Eyeliners and Mascaras // Bronzers and highlighters // Eyeshadow and Highlight palettes // All kinds of brushes // Concealers, foundations and creme compacts. // Lipliners and Lipglosses.

5. Here’s a list of stuff that should be separated from each other according to me 🙂

-Matte, semi matte and glossy lipsticks. // BB cremes and primers // Blush and Eyeshadows 

6. Use any kind of paper as a base- I highly recommend using sheets or newspapers as a base on you drawers / shelves before placing your makeup. This helps because even if anything powdery like an eyeshadow or a highlighters plunges , it can be restored easily with the help of a Paper. 

7. Get rid of expired stuff and anything that doesn’t smell good enough- In my opinion, you should get rid of smelly stuff before anything else. Check the expiry dates before putting anything into your drawer. 

8. You can use poster colours boxes if you run out of drawers or shelves- Using boxes in which you once stored colours may seem like an immature way to store makeup, but can actually be very useful! Since most of them boxes have cardboard divisions, it can be easier to store little stuff like individual eyeshadow shades, glitters, individual highlighter shades and Blushes. 

So drop your laziness for sometime and organise your makeup within no time using these tips and tricks! Thank you for reading everyone, I appreciate you taking some of your precious time to read this post! Hope y’all enjoyed !



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