Sephora Haul + Review ! 

Hey everyone ! Like I promised, here’s my Sephora Haul ! Sephora has been my absolute favourite store since I got exposed to the world of makeup and beauty ! They have most of my favourite high end brands and I am totally a fan of the made in Sephora products, since they aren’t very expensive and have the best quality you can expect. 

So, i did not shop a lot from Sephora because I also shopped from MAC, and I was looking for Nyx, which they did not have! So I shopped three Cosmetics, which included 

1. Sephora Colorful glitter eyeliner- Brown shade 

2. Clinique moisture surge

3. Sephora Bronzer- shade 03 

Let’s begin with the reviews ! 

1. Sephora Colorful eyeliner- glitter bronze (₹980 // almost $15) 

This is the first made in Sephora eyeliner I own ! I wanted glitter eyeliners from Sephora for ages now and I finally bought it this summer. Like I told you guys before, I’m a sucker from pretty tubes and packaging. I totally fell for this eyeliner even before I tried it !  I chose this shade because I think it would look good with almost every look. This eyeliner makes your eyes look pretty, and bigger. This can be used well for smokey eye looks, soft looks or just to give your eyes a little bold look onto soft shades. It has a very soft tip, which makes it very easy to apply the eyeliner !

The eyeliner is as pretty as it seems to be, both on the inside and outside. To conclude, I totally love this and would recommend it to all the makeup fanatics out there looking for great affordable eyeliners! 

2. Clinique Moisture Surge (₹ 1250// $18 approximate) 

I have been wanting to get Clinique moisture surge since long now! I got a little one, since it was my first time and I especially wanted to try and review it ! So here it is ! 

So beginning with the packaging, it comes in a green coloured packaging with the title, and on opening, it’s a pretty little circular box which looks bright baby pink. Moving on, The creme inside is very soft, smooth and relaxing. I would say, it’s perfect! As you apply it, it acts smoothly on your skin and makes you feel relaxing. It slightly highlights your skin. This is something you should definitely apply before putting your makeup on. I think it makes you feel great and beautiful ! This is something I would totally buy again. It also has a great fragrance which is almost my favourite part, I’m all for fragrances. To conclude, yes, this is my absolute favourite ! 

3. Sephora Bronzer- 03 (₹1175//$17 approximate) 

Story time! Sephora had great bronzers from high end brands. Most of them were too die for, but they were too expensive. Plus, I had never really tried Sephora originals. I tried many of them, and fell for this amazing 03 shade, which according to me, was not very expensive. 

Moving on, the bronzer has an amazing and pretty shade, and blends into your face softly and smoothly. It gives your skin a smooth contour, and a pretty tan look. The bronzer is pretty good, round and looks full, like the packaging suggests. The best part about it is that it is very well pigmented and is not at all chalky. Coming to uses, of course it can be used to contour, and also to give yourself a tan look. It also has some fragrance. It can last for 6-7 hours with primer, and 3-4 hours without. I think this bronzer is pretty good, and I would most probably buy it again. 

So guys, to conclude, I love all three of my Sephora products. I would definitely shop more from Sephora when I visit there again. I appreciate if you’re reading this, thank you !


Anushka ! 

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