1 Coat + Multiple Styles ! 

Hey everyone ! Hope you all are having a great day. On my trip to Mumbai, I bought this amazing baby pink topcoat from Zara. It is very versatile and totally my favourite out of all the clothes I bought. I bought it for ₹3990 ($58). I have been trying to style the topcoat with different things since the day I bought it. After days of styling, I decided three styles in which the coat could be worn, to put up here. Before getting started, checkout my sister’s blog too, I’m attaching link- Tangled In Tassels !
Let’s get started !

1. The over waisted trench coat: The easiest 

How to:  What I did is, just wearing the coat, closing a button in the middle, and folding the collars. This was the easiest way to wear it. I wore a black camisole, and a black mini pencil skirt, and alas! It’s ready !

How to style it: Styling a coat and wearing it this way is pretty easy. I think, a bodycon dress would go well with a loose coat, or an over waisted coat. You can also wear them with skinny and a tight tee, or even better, ripped skinny jeans. Considering the accessories, scarves piled look good with strapless dress, if you’re wearing one, or even any bodycon dress which reveals your collar bones or chest. In case of  jeans and a tee, scarves wouldn’t be preferable, instead you could rock chokers. The coat can be worn with dark colours, and dark footwear too. 

2. The classy dress: The best 

How to: The classy dress is my personal favourite. It looks like one of those dresses a movie character wears in a rain scene. That’s why it’s name is ‘the classy dress’. Moving on, what I do here is, I closed the second, third and the fourth button of the coat, and folded the sleeves neatly until they reached above my elbow. Then I put a belt to make it look more flows, and yes, it’s done !

How to style: Styling this with simple black office heels would be advisable, like I did. You could also style them with any kind of boots, particularly black, khaki or tan. To give it a more classy look, I wore a scarf, which would be advisable in my opinion. However, it you are willing to go casual with it, simple flats or lace ups would work, along with colourful scarves and sling bags. To give it the movie-like look I mentioned earlier, wearing heels is a must, along with plain scarves or simply nothing in the neck. 

3. The Over-the-shoulder celebrity style: The most versatile 

How to: The over the shoulder coats have been trending among celebrities in 2017. I totally fell in love with this style since I first saw it. Moving on, what I did was so damn easy. I just put the coat over my shoulders and styled it with a black camisole and pencil mini skirt, with these caged open toe boot like stilettos. 

How to style: These kind of coats look good with anything. Trust me when I say ‘anything’. I am very choosy person when it comes to style, but styling this is the easiest, you can wear it with bodycon to floral girly beach dresses, with jeans and tees to shirt and trousers. However, it is advisable to not use to many accessories with this style, else it would look like you’re overdressed. This definitely wouldn’t go with flip flops, so I say, go with simple flats, boots or any stilettos. You could wear it with chokers, pendants, or watches. 


So that’s it for today guys! Hope you all enjoyed reading and like my outfits. Thsmld for reading, and bye until next time ! Thanks. Don’t forget to like and share this post, and follow my blog ! 

Also, if you have any questions regarding my outfits, please put them in the comments section below. 


Mini pencil skirt- H&M // nude heels in picture 1- Payless Store // All chokers- Forever21 // Shoes and scarf in picture 4- Westside// shoes in picture 6- headoverheals, shoes in picture 8- Dorothy Perkins// bracelets in the last picture- west side, watch- fossil 

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