Leave a little Glow ✨

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a great day ! I have always been obsessed with glowy stuff. The little things like highlighters, Lip glosses always sound good to me. To choose 5 favourites out of all those lovely sparklies, was hard. This day, I compiled a list of my favourite glowy products ! 

Like you guys know, I’m totally obsessed with highlighters! So here goes my first product- MAC Miniralised skin finish- Soft and gentle. Okay, I have reviewed this earlier too. I can’t help myself, I’m head over heels obsessed with this one. You can read it’s review Here, on my mac and Nykaa Haul. Its a beautiful and luxurious powder with high shimmery finish. After all, whats glow without highlighter?

Moving on, my second shimmery obsession is the Autograph by Marks and Spencer Ultimate wear cream eyeshadow- stick. This stick gives me all the feels. Whether it is glittery look, or a gold smokey look, this always works. I love the shade, and the stick is insanely pigmented.  The versatile bronze-gold shade can be used with most of the looks. You can also use it on your cheekbones to give your face a pretty natural highlight. Glow ✨

Thirdly, my newest lip gloss favourite is this 3D hydra lip gloss from Kiko Milano. This gloss looks beautiful, and feels beautiful. It is totally my favourite lip gloss because it has a very pretty nude shade, and looks wonderful on any lipstick shade. This is definitely something I would carry with me wherever I go. You can read more about it on my Kiko Milano Review

Look how beautiful all these three things are, I’m including the swatches ! 

Left to right- Kiko Milano lip gloss // Mac highlighter // Authograph by M&S eyeshadow stick 

Coming to my fourth favourite, what’s life without nail polishes and perfumes ? Yes, I am obsessed with Maybelline Colorshow Party Girl nail paint. I totally apply this one over every shade. The nail polish is pretty amazing, it has all the aspects you expect from a glittery nail polish. It has a very pretty orange-pink glow, it isn’t at all sticky, and it’s fluent and easy to apply. I have two favourite brands for nail products, one of them being Maybelline. Like always, Maybelline rocked my nails! 

A swatch of the nail polish, applied on bright pink shade. 

Moving on, you people may have guessed it by now, last but not the least, my Bath and Body Works Diamond shimmer mists have been with me since forever, I guess it has been there since 2015, and it still feels like it’s new and glowy. Those pretty perfumes leave a little sparkle onto wherever you apply them. They have glitter inside them, which is the most beautiful thing. Concerning the fragrance, they both smell amazing and floral. They glow at day and night, and are pretty long lasting. Bath and body works gets me everytime, just like it did with these pretty fragrances. 

I have two of them, one of them is called Paris Amour and the other Country Chic. 

Since all of these products are my favourites, I would consider buying them again. I love them, and like you guys know, I’m obsessed with highlights and glitters. 

So that’s it for now! What are your favourite glowy or glossy products ? Write down in the comments section below ! 

Thanks for reading, Leave a little sparkle wherever you go :p

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