What’s on my Nykaa wish list ? 

Hey everyone ! Hope you all are having a great day. Nykaa has been totally my favourite online store since I first installed the app. It has all the brands I love, like makeup revolution, nyx cosmetics and maybelline New York. Also I’m crazy for Nykaa luxe store. 90% of the reason being they have MAC, my favourite brand, like you guys know! If you are new to my blog, yes, I love MAC. So I have made a pretty good wish list on Nykaa, which has most of the things I want to buy! Let’s begin!

Firstly, I have Nyx Cosmetics Pro Dual Fiber Foundation Brush, I need a foundation brush, but the MAC ones were too expensive. Nyx has always been one of my favourite alternative brands. I read a few reviews to nyx brushes, and they turned out to be pretty good, according to the reviews. I think this brush is affordable, and I’m pretty sure that it would be great ! 
Second on my wish list Nykaa Hot Damn, Nail and lipstick combo and Nykaa Rouge Nail Enamel Combo. I absolutely stan Nykaa combos, they are really good and cheap. While going through the site, I found this amazing lipstick + Nail Paint combo for only ₹791. I’m totally getting this really soon! Plus, the lipstick and nail paint shades are something I totally fell for. Coming to the Rouge Nail Enamel Combo, I have loved Nykaa nail polishes, especially the shimmery shades, since I watched youtubers review them and watched them get huge packages of nail paints from Nykaa ! So I found a great nail Enamel combo for only ₹571, wow !  Although to be honest, I have a few Nykaa nail paints and they turned kind of sticky after sometime of use, though the shades were my favourites, so I wouldn’t really risk matte Nykaa nail paints again. 

Moving on, I have Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow. As far as I remember, this was the first thing that popped up on my Nykaa luxe store, and I instantly added it to my wish list, with the first shade. Although it is really expensive, for ₹3000, but I personally don’t think that buying a dupe for this pretty eyeshadow would be advisable. So I hope that I convince myself to buy this soon !

Next, I have Ardell Natural False Lashes. We all know how good ardell lashes are, I have seen all my favourite youtubers use them ! And Nykaa, oh-my-good, they’re available for ₹375, what ? I was fascinated when I added this to my list, and this is totally gonna be the first thing I get out of my list ! 

Moving on, I have a  palettes from Makeup revolution- Makeup Revolution Ultimate 144 Shade Eyeshadow Palette Collection 2017. Okay, why didn’t I know this palette existed until today ? It has 144 shades, and it seems to be crazy amazing. Makeup Revolution is my another favourite drugstore brand ! I love this palette, and I’m totally gonna buy it really soon ! I also read some reviews, and according to many bloggers, this palette is totally great ! Thank you makeup revolution for creating this !

Lastly, I have Mac next to nothing 140 synthetic full fan brush. So I fell for this brush, firstly because it was Mac, second because it seems to be amazing. I love Mac brushes, and they do not shed at all ! But it’s really expensive, so although I have it on my wish list, I would rather buy the makeup revolution palette to be honest. They are the same cost. Still, I Love this brush and I wish I would have a collection of my own MAC brushes. And that wouldn’t be possible without a fan brush, right ?

So guys, that’s it for today! What do you think I should and should not buy out of these things? Did you like this post ? Should the ‘wish list’ be a blog post series ? Like I could create wish lists on different online websites and put them on here. What do you think, is it a good idea ? Write down in the comments section below ! 

Thanks for reading guys ! 


7 thoughts on “What’s on my Nykaa wish list ? 

  1. Those lashes are one of my fav to wear 😍😍 Iv never tried the make up revolution eyeshadows before, so I think I may buy one!! Great post 😃 I think you should do it as a series 😃x

    Liked by 1 person

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