Everyday makeup routine- my simple no makeup- makeup look !

Hey lovelies ! Welcome to my blog.

None of us have time to spend 45 minute to 1 hour for makeup on an everyday basis! We all have//need a simple and natural makeup regime every day. So today I compiled my everyday ‘no makeup’ makeup routine for you all ! Also, this is my first ever makeup tutorial, so I am not very experienced with how to write these :p , but I’ll try to do my very best. 

So my natural everyday makeup look is very easy to do, hope you like it !  

Follow the simple steps to get my natural everyday makeup look- 
Step 1– I go with the basics first. Moisturise your face with a simple face moisturiser and apply some primer to keep your makeup long lasting. I use Clinique moisture surge and colourbar perfect match primer. 
Step 2– If you want to get a natural look, foundations are too heavy, they may cover your pores, but in my opinion wouldn’t be convenient on a daily basis. As an alternative, apply some BB Cream to your face. I’m using Lakme face magic skin tints creme. Make sure that apply it to every corner of your face.  

Step 3– Now is the time to apply some concealer ! I’m using Maybelline fit me. Make an inverted triangle pointing towards your nose under your eyes, and fill it up, like this.

Next what we do is we blend the concealer, using a beauty blender. Blending can be tricky, so I’m including a few easy tips and tricks here- 
1. Dab the beauty blender, don’t rub it over your face.

2. When blending smaller parts of your skin, use the pointed sides, use the broader side to blend bigger parts.

3. Be patient! It takes some time, but is worth giving all the time to.  

I’m using the original beauty blender. In case you don’t have beauty blender, you could use a foundation brush. But in my opinion, a beauty blender is a must, it does all the miracles ! 
Step 4- After completing the under eyes, you apply concealer to the nose, the forehead and the chin. For these three, simply stiple or make a single line, and blend it with a beauty blender. 

Did you get that perfect ? Even if you didn’t, no worries. If it looks too white, or grey, correct it by applying some compact powder to your whole face using a fan brush. If your skin doesn’t look flawless yet, one more layer never hurts, but be careful it does not get oxidised ! 

Step 5- Next I’m going with contour! Like we all know, contour is immensely important and makes your face look detailed and chiseled. I’m going to contour light because contouring is time consuming and also sometimes looks unnatural. To contour, I’m using my made in Sephora bronzer. Feel your cheekbones, identify them and draw a line with your bronzer, exactly under them. After that, you run a contouring brush onto your face lightly or blend the line simply with a beauty blender. 

Step 6- To contour your nose, you do the same like you did with your cheekbones. Just identify your nose bone, draw a line on both sides of it, and blend it using a contouring brush or a beauty blender. To contour your jawline and make it look more prominent, here are some tips and tricks-

1. First step is always the same, identification. You should know where your jawline lies and where you want to contour.

2. Next, draw a line using an eyeliner brush or an eyeshadow brush on your jawline. Be careful with the line, make sure you get it on the edges of your jaw. 

3. Blend! Using a beauty blender here would be advisable, but since contouring brushes are available, why not?

Same way, you can contour your collar bones, or even your legs and make them look thinner and defined !

Step 6- Highlighting ! My favourite part, since it makes your face glow like crazy! I’m using makeup revolution’s shimmer brick, which is a dupe of Bobbi Brown’s highlighters. It’s an affordable and flawless product and can be used on a daily basis. 

To highlight, draw a line a few inches above where you contoured, that is, above your cheekbones, and beside your eye. It depends on you how shimmery you want to make it look, apply layers according to your choice. After that, I use a MAC 217 blending brush and a beauty blender to blend my highlighter, and it totally looks perfectly glowy on my face !

Step 7- You can highlight so much more ! This time, you do it on the bones. To highlight your collar bone, apply and blend highlighter exactly onto your bone. You could also highlight your nose, the same way, by putting on highlighter exactly onto your bone. Highlight your Cupid’s bow by putting on highlighter exactly on the part, and the same way you could also do your chin. 

Did you get that contour and highlight right? If you didn’t, no worries again, you can fix it by dabbing your beauty blender for a few minutes. Or you could just simply use concealer to make it look like it never happened ! 

Step 8- This step is something I did by choice, it’s totally not necessary to do this, depends on your choice.

What I did is, I applied a little more concealer to perfect my base more. I did not apply as much as I did last time, but only a few dots under my eyes, on the nose and the chin. This only made my skin look more flawless. The tricks to apply and blend your concealer have been written in step 3. 

Step 9- The best part about my everyday routine ? It doesn’t involve a lot of eye makeup. 

For eyes, I apply a very thin eyeliner, almost like no eyeliner. It just makes my eyes look a little bigger, but you could totally ignore your eyeliner. Another thing that is necessary to make your eyes look prettier and bigger is applying Mascara, which is necessary. Apply multiple coats of mascara, to make your eyes look amazing ! Make sure to apply it softly! I’m using L’Oréal diamond voluminous million lashes mascara. 

Step 10- Ahh, we’re finally here ! The last step, lips !

To perfect my lips, I’m applying a pink liquid lipstick, I’m using sugar Smudge me not liquid lipstick in the shade Tan fan. I reviewed this lipstick in my last post, you can view it here. I’m also using a lipgloss from studiowest. 

After applying lipstick, to give upur lips a perfect shape, you could apply lip liner. This is very essential, since it gives your lips a proper shape, and makes them look beautiful! I’m using MAC soar lip crayon.

How to use lip liner- 

-Apply it only on the edges of your lips. If the lipstick shade and the liner shade differ, you could use a lip brush to blend them or mix the liner shade onto your lipstick shade. 

-To make the Cupid’s bow look pointed, draw short pointed lines onto the area. 

Your lips are perfect ! xx

The lip shade 

I love girly stuff and created an everyday casual outfit with the look ! Top from pantaloons, skirt from west side, bag from max, flats from H&M, watch from fossil. 

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Did you get the perfect look ? Feel free to write down your thoughts in the comments section below ! 


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