All Things Beauty ! A-Z tips and tricks !

Hey lovelies ! Welcome to sheer Solstice ! Today’s post is gonna be a beauty and makeup tips and tricks post, but in a different way, like you can see! I compiled a list of my easy to go tricks alphabetically, and framed them with every alphabet ! Hope you like it x

Let’s begin ❤️

A- Always start your makeup with moisturizing your face.

B- BB Creams are great for everyday makeup, if you are not comfortable with using heavy foundation.

C- Concealer should always be one shade lighter than your skin.

D- Don’t apply more than 2 layers of pigmented blushes. 

E- Eye base shouldn’t necessarily be used every time. An alternative to this is concealer.

F- Foundations shouldn’t be tested on hands. Buy a foundation according to your face shade.

G- Glosses can be applied on any part of your face to stick anything! They act as a glue to your face. 

H- Highlighters can make you look great even on a sick day! That’s why it’s my favorite part of my everyday makeup routine!

I– In case your foundation oxidises, choose a shade lighter than your skin tone.

J– Just mascara can make your eyes look bigger! The best part is that it is easy to apply !!

K– Keep your sunscreen with you at all times. It’s a great way of moisturizing your skin and of course, sun protection.

L- Liquid lipsticks last way longer than the normal ones.

M– Make sure to apply lip balm before you apply matte lipsticks. It helps your lips look softer and more flawless with matte lipsticks.

N- Neutral shades are hard to mess up with! You usually don’t go wrong with them !

O- Oils such as coconut oils or baby oil can be used to remove makeup easily.

P- Primer is the key to a great base ! 

Q– Quit not removing your makeup before going to bed. It can be harmful to your skin.

R- Rest is very important to get beautiful and glowing skin.

S– Set your T zone with a loose or a compact powder to prevent creasing.

T- Tinted moisturiser can be easily made by mixing up your moisturiser and foundation.

U– Use just false lashes for instant glam !

V- Vitamins are essential to keep your skin glowing and healthy ! Bon Appétit !

W- Wash your brushes using face cleanser, water and dry them for at least half an hour! The easy way ! 

X- x-perimenting with broken makeup is never a bad idea. Broken eyeshadows can be used to make diy lip balms by mixing them with Petroleum jelly or a non pigmented lip balm. Broken compacts can be used for baking on your face since you have a loose powder now !
Y– You can do just your base, mascara and put on a dark lipstick for an instant classy and glamorous look ! No struggling with winged eyeliners!

Z- Zits and acne scars can be prevented by always using clean brushes and cleansing your skin before makeup. 

So that’s it for today guys 🙂 So what are your go to beauty tips and tricks ? Write down in the comments section below ! Don’t forget to like and share my post and follow my blog ! 

Hope you liked the post !


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