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TMI TAG ! 40 Facts About Me ! 

Hey everyone ! Hope you all are having a great day ! So I thought of doing something different today, after all of 15-16 posts, my audience should get to know more about me ! So here are 40 facts about me ❤️

Hope you enjoy reading !

1. When were you born ?

I was born on 20 April, 2004, and I turned 13 this year.
2. Who’s your favourite actor/actress ? 

Pretty little liars fans, where you at ? I love Lucy hale, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Sasha Pieterse, Ian Harding, Janel Parrish.

3. Who’s your favourite fictional character ?

I love Veronica Lodge from riverdale, and of course, The Liars from pretty little liars.

4. How tall are you ?

I’m 5 feet 4 inches, which is equal to I think 163 cm, am I correct ?

5. What are you wearing ?

Rocking my PJs!

6. What’s your OTP ?

Ezria (Ian Harding and Lucy Hale) from pretty little liars!

7. Favourite song ?

 Currently, I love Hands of time from Rachel Diggs, Despacito (of course), and Ain’t My Fault from Zara Larson.

8. Favourite Quote?

“You’d be surprised what people are capable of” , “Say it enough and you’ll actually start believing it”.

9. Your biggest fears ?

My biggest fear is not accomplishing all my wishes before dying. 

10. Last book you read ?

I read the 2nd part of pretty little liars, ‘flawless‘, and I pretty much read makeup by Michelle Phan.

11. Last person you texted ?

One of my friends. 

12. Places you want to visit ?

I have pretty huge list which includes every possible place in USA and Europe. I also want to visit Russia, China, Japan, and some of Africa.

13. Favourite piece of jewellery ?

I love Chokers and rings ! Who else ?

14. Last song you sang ?

I don’t remember, I like I sang Pretty Little Liars’ theme song secret while watching the recent episode.

15. Where do you go when you’re sad ?

In bed, everytime. Who else ?

16. Book you’re currently reading ?

I’m not really reading any books right now, I’m waiting for Ian Harding’s odd birds and Keegan Allen’s life love beauty to come to stores.

17. Favourite flavour of sweet ?

I don’t have a specific favourite, but I love Chocolate, Mint and Cola.

18. Favourite bands?

I love 5 seconds of summer.

19. How long does it take you to shower ?

On an average, it’s 10-20 minutes.

20. Reason you started a blog ?

To share my ideas, and to have a creative outlet !

21. Last show you watched?

I watched Pretty little liars season 5 episode 22. Sometime back I watched America’s next top model cycle 23.

22.  Favourite food ?

I love all kinds of chicken !

23. Last place you were ?

The mall, I think !

24. Favourite chat up line ?

-Did you miss me? :p

25. Have you ever used it ?

-A lot of times !

26. Loud music or soft ?

I prefer soft and calm music.

27. What’s your favourite brands ?

H&M, Zara, Forever 21 and Steve Madden ! 

28. What is/was your favourite subject in school ?

I’m all eyes and ears for Languages ! English and French ! I love Art !

29. Do you play any sports?

Nah, sports isn’t my cup of tea at all !

30. Favourite perfume ? 

I’m currently loving Japanese Cherry blossom from the body shop and sheer beauty from Calvin Klein! Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl is on my wish list !

31. How many languages do you speak ?

I speak English and Hindi fluently, and I’m still learning French !

32. Favourite movies ?

I have a list, which includes, Bring it on: In it to win it, What if, Mean Girls, Paper Towns, Expelled, and more !

33. Least favourite food ?

I don’t like salads which have a lot f cheese !

34. Best way to de-stress ?


35. Hair and eye colour?

Hair, and eyes- Black !

36. Include the last picture you took!

Here you go- 

37. What are some of your best memories ?

My best ones include my tour to Dubai with my family, which was also the first time I visited abroad.

38. Favourite season ?

I love winter !

39. What’s your favourite cosmetic brand ?

If you have read my older post, you would know ! If you haven’t, go read them ! Anyway, its MAC!

40. Who else should answer these questions ?

Everyone who reads this !

So that was my TMI TAG ! Hope you enjoyed ! Don’t forget to like, comment, share and follow ! 


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