What am I currently loving ? June 2017 beauty favourites !

Hey beauties ! I’m back with another post! June has been a pretty fun, but a month of work so far ! 10 June was 1 month of sheer solstice ! So before anything else, thank you all my lovely readers ! I’m grateful ❤️ Coming back to the post, today I’m gonna be doing a beauty favourites post ! So here go some beautiful beauty products which I have been loving in accordance to my current routine ! This month, I decided to keep the theme a little tropical, there’s humid feels this month ! 

Let’s begin ! 

Firstly I have, Kara Makeup Removal skincare wipes, lavender and seaweed. When you don’t have time to wash your face properly, or you’re simply too lazy to wash off your makeup before sleep, just like me :p, you can always use these pretty wipes. I would recommend makeup removal wipes to everyone they’re totally an essential ! They only cost me ₹175. ($2.5) 

My makeup always kind of gets pretty creamy during humid weather, and I haven’t found a solution to that yet ! What better than carrying a Drugstore not-expensive compact in my bag everytime ? For that, I have Maybelline Fit Me Powder 120- Ivory, Matte+Poreless. This pretty little compact powder with a round puff and a mirror always works for me well, since it does not make my skin look patchy and is travel friendly ! This cost me about ₹500, ($7.45)

Next I have, Lip Colour to go from H&M, which completely does justice to its name! I love this shade because it can be applied anywhere, and is of course travel friendly ! You can apply this pretty shade to anywhere, from day to night ! This cost me $6.99, about 500 rupees. 

Lakme is a pretty famous Drugstore brand in India, and it was also the first brand I knew made makeup ! You may have guessed, I have Lakme absolute shine line green eyeliner! I am loving this eyeliner this month, since it’s very versatile and smooth ! The most important, it’s easy to apply for it has a gentle tip! I am all eyes for its pretty green shade, which looks great on my tropical theme this month ! It cost me ₹338 at Nykaa.

Next I have, Bath and body works Waikiki Beach Coconut shower gel. I totally fall for pretty packagings, like this one! But, not only its packaging, everything about this is pretty ! It’s really soft, and is good at skin nourishment too ! Bath and body works never disappoints ! Cost- ₹800, $12.50

Next I have, The body shop born lippi strawberry lip balm. The Body Shop is totally my one-stop skincare store ! The best is that this cost me only ₹225, $3.2! It was crazy cheap ! You can always use this as an alternative to pink lipstick, since it cures your lips and gives them a light pink shade ! I love this, absolutely ! 

Nourishing creams are essential for your skincare routine, included in my night routine, I apply Fabindia nourishing cream silk protein, which has totally been a favourite this month ! If you are not familiar with the brand, it’s an Indian brand, which sells great skincare products, and is only available in India. Fabindia has been one of my favourite skincare brands, and their products according to me are amazing ! I have a few more, write down in the comments section below if you want a review ! Coming back, this cream is soft and it smells really good! It makes me feel fresh even at night! All Indians out there, do shop from Fabindia ! 

Lastly, my most favourite this month ! Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance from the body shop. I love this ! It’s totally my favourite. I’m loving this in June since it makes me feel fresh and is easy to carry again ! It has an amazing smell ! This one is a must ❤️

So guys, that is it for this post 😀 I hope enjoyed reading ! Don’t forget to like, share, comment and follow ! I would love to know your reviews on these products, or would you buy them ? Which one do you wanna try ?

Thanks for reading 

One last thing, it’s my favourite actress’ birthday. 14 June, Lucy hale’s birthday ! Happy birthday to her, love 💕

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