Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels Ultra Eyeshadows- Review !

Hey lovelies ! Hope you all are having a great day ! Like you guys may know, I love makeup revolution ! Their eye shadows are lovely πŸ’– So today, I’m gonna be reviewing the makeup revolution eyes like angels 32 shade palette, which I recently bought ! Let’s begin πŸ˜€

This is a palette which consists of 32 shades, and an amazing makeup mirror ! I bought it from Nykaa for β‚Ή1400, (they had a sale) which is equal to about $20. 

Firstly, let’s begin with the general review. 

Packaging- So this 32 shade palette was pretty cheap. The palette comes in silver cardboard packaging, and on opening, has a sophisticated black shade, with a mirror on the inside. The case is a glossy black with the name mentioned in strong gold font. 

Colours- On opening, it has a variety of shades, from peach to neutrals and all the colours ! I’ll be mentioning them below. Considering the pigmentation, all the shades are insanely pigmented and can also work on applying just one layer ! The colours in this palette are more suitable for bold and colourful looks, rather than neutral or soft ones. Some shades are completely glitter, while some others are normal semi matte. 

Here are the swatches ! 

Like you can see, the shades are pretty pigmented ! I’m mentioning them here-

1. Black stars- I love this shade since you can use it to do multiple looks and it also works if you apply just this for a heavy-light look !

2. Green Dream- This is a turquoise blue-green shade which is perfect for eyeing a peacock look, or the glitter for your outer corners !

3. Peach Cream- This semi matte shade can be made a part of the base too if you have peachy skin ! It’s great for all kinds of soft looks. 

4. Orchid- This is semi matte shade again, and an amazing indigo-blue. 

5. Sophisticated pink- This pretty shade is a mix and match of hot pink and black current, perfect for classy Hollywood looks or anything else ! I totally love this πŸ’–

6. Dream- This is again a pretty pink shade. It is a faded baby pink shade which is great to rock girly and rock chic !

7. Pink Glow- This is a neutral pink shade, and I totally fell for it ! It’s pigmentation is crazy and looks perfect with just 1 layer.

8. Peacock dream- This pretty peacock shade is perfect! That’s all I say !

9. Silver Star- this oh-so-good silver shade is perfect for every Hollywood look you ever want to rock ! This shade screams ‘Stardom’ !

10. Emerald Night- This is the craziest amazing emerald shade I’ve seen, it’s classy, coloured, and ruthless !

11. Lilac shimmer- Have you ever dreamt of a place which has glimmering violet and white flowers ? This is your dream, you put one layer of this shade, and your eyes are those pretty violet flowers you dreamt of !

12. Purpled!- This is a great semi matte shade, which is perfect for rocking your most desired pink YouTube looks, due to its high pigmentation.

13. Cream- This shade is all you need to look soft and gentle !

14. Pink- A matte pink is amazing for strong girly looks! Although this shade doesn’t have the best pigmentation, but it’s pretty good and effort worthy.

15. Lilac Frost- This lilac shade is again your very dream of the glimmery violet flowers !

16. Award- For me, the very first impression of this shade was ‘something celebrities would apply to oscars’. Yeah, this is one of the prettiest and the most glamorous shades, you think of glamourous Versace gowns as soon as you look at it !

17. Pearl Necklace- This shade isn’t pearl, but gold !

18. Night stars- This partially glittery shade reminds you of the beautiful night sky with a million silver stars you’ve always wanted to see !

19. Blue Sheen- This semi matte sky blue shade is awesome for perfecting soft looks, and reminds me of a royal soirΓ©e !

20. Pink frosted- This beautiful shade is a mix of hot pin and sophisticated pink !

21. Moss- A more glittery and emerald version of the emerald green, and I love it !

22. Molton Chocolate- This is a really pretty brown, and also one of the most glittery shades in the palette !

23. Choc!- This semi matte shade is great and pigmented as both a transition shade and a classy look !

24. Green stars- I don’t love this shade, but it’s really pigmented and it’s something I would totally use for another Hollywood look !

25. Green Envy- Another green shade ! I love this ! It has a really nice shine and can be used anytime!

26. Copper Dream- This is like the best shade in the palette πŸ’– it has an amazing copper colour, with a little firey look ! It is so beautiful and stunning !! 

27. Bold Purple- This is a bright, pigmented purple and can be used to create different girly looks, especially during spring !

28. White light- This white shade is semi matte, creamy and is a one layer shade !

29. Orange!- I love orange ! This can be used to create multiple looks ! How beautiful would a sunset eye look ?

30. Aqua Dream- This glittery shade isn’t exactly aqua, but brighter ! And I love that part ! This is an amazing shade, and being bright, can be used to create attractive looks !

31. Truffle- This shade is as amazing as truffle ! It’s beautiful brown and copper shade again screams ‘stardom’! 

32. Silver dream- This is totally a dreamy silver shade! It can be used so well to create pearl like, soft and even bold looks ! 

So like you can read, I reviewed every shade ! My experience with the this palette has been amazing, only that it doesn’t have enough matte shades ! Matte shades are really important, but if considered overall, this is a must for every makeup fanatic looking for amazing drugstore eye shadows ! 

Staying power- The best aspect about this palette is that, it’s colours can stay even without primer ! But of course, applying primer never hurts! The palette has been made in such a way that the shades last for more than 4-5 hours and you need not touch up everytime ! 

Any drawbacks- So I would only like to mention, that this palette doesn’t have enough matte shades. Another thing is that, using this palette, do the eye makeup first, since it has intense shades.

Overall, I love this palette and I would love to purchase it again! It’s colourful, glittery, and intriguing shades gives you all the feels! It’s pigmentation and staying power makes it even better ! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


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