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Removing your makeup ? Not a big deal anymore !

Hey everyone ! I’m back with another post ! Removing makeup is something we all laze around for ! Have you had that moment where you try every cleanser and scrub possible, but your makeup won’t go away ? So today, I bound some easy tips and tricks to remove your makeup within no time !

Let’s begin ! Hope you enjoy ❤️

Easy things first, Makeup removing wipes! Which are easily available, and your makeup can go away within minutes ! Just rubbing them on your face softly can make the outcome amazing ! I use Kara makeup removing wipes, which are really cheap, about $2-4 that is about ₹100-300! They are very refereshing and do a great job at cleansing up your face without actually cleansing !

Now let’s go through some more easy tips and tricks !

We’ve all had the bad cleanser moment ! The makeup just won’t go away even with the help of a cleanser ! So here’s an easy way to use a cleanser or a face wash-

Step 1- Take some dry cleanser on your fingers.

Step 2-Apply the dry cleanser on the parts where you’ve applied makeup and rub it over your face. Make sure that the dry cleanser stays on your face like a mask for at least 2 minutes. Make sure to not use water when applying cleanser.

Step 3- Take a soft towel (don’t use a harsh one) and apply some water on a small part of it.

Step 4- Rub the part of the towel with water on it very gently. Rubbing faster or harshly can result in skin itching ! Rub or dab very softly ! Do this till your makeup is gone.

This is my holy grail technique for removing makeup ! It always works for me no matter what ! What about you, did this work well for you ?

The next technique I’m gonna share with you, is removing makeup using a lotion or a cream ! This is the easiest one which you’ll ever read ! All you need for this is a sheer liquid lotion or a cream, and a towel or some cotton balls ! There are two ways to use this technique-

1. Do the same as the first technique, only using the lotion instead of the cleanser.

2. Or, you could just apply some lotion onto a cotton ball (cotton ball since it has a better staying power) if you don’t wanna use water, rub it over your makeup !

I love this too, since it’s a quick way to remove makeup without water in case you don’t have makeup removing wipes !

The third technique we are discussing in this post is removing makeup using a perfume or a deodorant ! Yes you read that right, a perfume or a deodorant !

If you are too lazy to go to the restroom and remove your makeup all the way, I have a super awesome technique which involves liquid for you ! The only thing you need to do is apply some lotion onto your face, or anything that nourishes your skin, like coconut oil to prevent itching. The next step involves, taking some perfume into a cloth or directly onto your makeup if you’re comfortable with that, but using a cloth would be preferable and advisable. You can also use a cotton ball, in fact that’s the better option ! Rub it onto your face gently and there you go ! 

One more way I’m sharing on here is by applying one more layer of makeup. No, I’m not asking you to do a full face again, but this is just an easy way to remove your makeup when you don’t have enough makeup on to use a cleanser or waste a wipe ! Let’s use the example of concealer on here !

First what I do, is that I make a triangle with my concealer pointing toward the nose, the same way I applied concealer before ! Next, I don’t blend it, I let it stay and start removing it with the help of water and a cotton ball, or a towel. You’ll notice that along with the first layer, the original layer of concealer also goes away ! That’s how you do it ! But this technique isn’t versatile, and can’t be used everytime ! Everytime you have light makeup, you can totally use this one !

That’s all my techniques I love ! Along with all of this, you may have noticed that The two things that can be used to remove makeup with anything easily is a towel or cotton balls ! 

Let’s continue ! Yes, makeup is complicated, and so, your work is not over here ! You need to have a very little aftermath routine which can refresh your skin and nourish it.

For this regime, you have a few options. 

The first and the easiest one is to scrub and cleanse your face normally. This is something you should follow before and after makeup. The next thing you could do is simply apply some body lotion or a petroleum jelly to your face which makes you feel relaxed. Also, while testing these techniques, I discovered that Body lotion+Petroleum jelly makes an amazing nourishing cream for your body ! You could also add some coconut oil to that ! Coconut oil can be applied to your skin after removing makeup too !

So that’s it for now ! Did you like my techniques ? Which one do you love the best ? Write down in the comments section below ! I would love to have some suggestions on post ideas too ! 

Thanks for reading ! 

Removing your makeup is no big deal anymore !


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