All about them nails !

Hey everyone ! Hope y’all are having a great day ❤️ for today’s post, we are going to talk about nails ! Yes, the pretty little things at the top of our fingers ! Many of us, can struggle with having pretty nails ! I mean, who has the time and energy to go get a manicure every other day ? So for today’s post, here’s something I do and some stuff I love to keep my nails blooming ! 
First, I would like to share some of my favourite nail polishes ! 

I have some pretty cheap Drugstore favourites here, all of which cost about ₹275-475! Beginning, first I have Revlon colorstay gel envy Lucky Us to the leftmost ! I love this pretty silver colour and how it does not show signs of turning creamy or sticky even after a long time ! Next, I have Maybelline color show glitter mania ! Again, I love glitters ! The shimmer in everything appeals to me so much ! Maybelline color show sell cheap and great nail polishes, in fact, most of the nail polishes I own, belong to Maybelline ! This one has an elegant colour, and a golden, which makes it one of my favourite ! 

Thirdly, there are two more shades from Maybelline color show, called Cinderella pink 001, which is the smoothest and the prettiest pink-with-orange-and-gold, and party girl tequila sunrise! Which, as the name suggests, is truly as beautiful watching the birds and sunrise along with a sip of tequila ! This range from Maybelline truly gives me all the feels ! 

Lastly, there’s Nykaa Nail Enamel, Rose sherbert 21. Being my personal favourite from Nykaa, I think that this nail polish was pretty cheap, and the shades Nykaa have are great ! What do you think of my favourite nail colours ?

Now, let’s go through some more products you can use to keep your nails neat and pretty ! 

1. Colorbar Nail Enamel Remover 

Colorbar is pretty good Drugstore brand. The nail Enamel remover they have created is one the most confortable and easy one I have used so far ! 

2. NISA Peach cuticle oil 

Cuticle oils are a great way to cure your damaged cuticles ! This one too, is amazing and works for me well ! Considering my experience, this oil cured my cuticles in about a week, which was a great sign !

3. NISA Hand moisturiser 

This brand, NISA natural skincare and beauty has impressed me with their nail care products, especially this hand moisturiser, which nourished my hands and makes them feel and look soft and gentle ! The cream, which feels really smooth, does miracles to your skin !

4. NISA hand and toe buffer

The buffers have been really good too, I remember when we bought this, the salesgirl guided us on using and cleaning ! It worked out so well that even if I did my nails only for 5 minutes a week ! It’s totally long lasting ❤️

Lastly, I would like to tell you all that nail care is no big deal overall ! You just need to use a few basic products and continue maintaining like trying to avoid nail polish from chipping, a file your nails time to time ! 

Bye until next time ! Hope you enjoyed reading ! Thanks ❤️


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