Peacock Eyeliner Tutorial : Easy Eid Eye Makeup Look!

Hey everyone ! Eid is around the corner 💖 I’m back with another post, which is my 2nd makeup tutorial in here ! Last time, I did a tutorial which did not involve any eye makeup ! This time, I decided to do an eyeliner using my two favourite colours, blue and green, perfect for an Eid makeup look! So this look involves nothing but a simple eyeliner, which is very easy to do, and will totally look pretty !

Let’s begin ! Hope you like it ♥️

Step 1- Primer and base. Begin with applying primer, and dabbing a little compact powder onto your eyes to keep your eyeliner looking flawless!

To do this look, I am using Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels ultimate eyeshadow palette. 

Step 2- Green! Using an angled eyeliner brush, start applying green eyeshadow onto your eyes like a simple eyeliner slowly. Remember to keep it as thin as possible. Don’t apply too harsh, apply softly until the green looks pigmented.

Step 3- The Green Finish! Using another Green shade, apply least 2 layers softly, onto the green you applied earlier, which can make it look prettier, different and more intense.

Once you’re done with the green, grab the prettiest blue shade you have in your drawer and an angled brush of course !

Step 4- Peacock blue! Once you have the prettiest blue in your hand, start applying it into the outer corners, starting from the middle. Again, apply soft. Apply until the blue is visible.

Step 5- The Wing! Now comes the time to wing the blue ! This isn’t at all hard. Use the vertex of the angled brush to do this ! Put some blue onto the corner of the brush, and draw a wing at the end of the eyeliner with it softly. The correct way to do this is to remain calm, and patient, and to use the fill up the wing with the corner too.

Step 6- Eyes to the finish! Once you are done with this, you only need to do the finishing ! To do this, you blend the blue and green using an eyeshadow brush. Blend it softly. You could add Green to your inner corners.

Step 7- Pea and blue! To complete the look, all you have to do is apply once more layer of both the colours, and apply mascara// curl your lashes// or apply falsies to add the moon to your look! You could highlight your brow bone with a silver colour too.

Once you’re done, your pretty Peacock look is ready for Eid ! For the lips, I’m going with a pink matte lipstick. Did you get that pretty look?

That’s all I had in the box for you today ! Hope you enjoyed and liked the look. Thanks for reading ♥️


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