Here’s everything you need to begin with makeup !

Hey beauties ! I’m back with another post ! If you’re a beginner, having the right tools and products can be pretty stressful to choose. Sometimes, you don’t know what palettes to use for practising, the other times, you’re to hyped about some product’s cost. If you haven’t already figured out what my post today is about, let me tell you, I compiled a list of some cosmetics you need as a beginner, most of which are great for practising everyday !

Let’s begin!

1. The base- For the base, there’s not a lot things you need. Since the base is the most essential part, the first thing you need is a Primer. Something I truly believe in is that primer is the key to a perfect base. Here’s a list of some more stuff you’ll need to begin with-

  • Concealer- Concealer is the best thing that can happen to your skin ! If you do watch YouTube tutorials, you can easily figure out how concealer is that miracle !
  • Compact- Most of us do use liquid concealer, which can make your face look creamy. A compact powder is the corrector here! Just a few patches and blending, and there goes your finished base !
  •  A shade darker than your skin- This can be any form, concealer, bronzer, or foundation ! This helps to correct your skin shade when it looks too white.
  • Tinted moisturiser- In my opinion, no foundations for first timers ! I still don’t use foundations, even when trying to get full coverage ! Tinted moisturisers are a better and a lighter alternative.

    2. Eyes- Again, there’s a few basics you need to do your eyes. I’m listing them down here-

    • The eye base- Instead of getting a separate eye base, you could just mix up some concealer and compact on your eyelids as well.
    • Mascara- Even if you don’t do your eyes, a good mascara can make your eyes look flawless ! My everyday makeup routine includes only mascara on the eyes, which works pretty well.
    • A black eyeliner- This is the best to define your eyes, who says you should have different eyeliner shades and types ? Only a simple black eyeliner can work. I prefer gel liners over liquid and pencil ones.
    • A neutral tones eyeshadow palette- Neutral shades are the best to begin with makeup ! Some of the best palettes to own are makeup revolution’s redemption palettes, or if you are looking straight for high end palettes, what better than the master, urban decay’s naked palettes themselves ! Make sure you have matte shades as well.

      3. Lips- No, you don’t need a lot, just a few pretty little things ! Keep following ♥️-

      • The matte lipstick- Remember, matte lipsticks can make anything look great. A sightly dark matte nude link would work wit everything!
      • The nude lipstick- Nude shades are important since they give your lips a base too. You can also create an illusion of fuller lips with nude lipsticks ! 
      • The gloss- Another thing to make your lips look flawless. Totally a essential ! 
      • The statement lipstick- What rule says that you can’t wear statements in makeup ? By these, I mean something that creates a statement. Red, black and more colours stand out !

        4. The right tools- The right brushes ! Here’s exactly what you need to begin with-

        • A foundation brush- This is an essential part of doing the base. Although you could use a beauty blender for the base, but the foundation brush does much more than its name suggests.
        • Beauty Blender- Base, highlighter, contour, or eye makeup, this can be used for anything and is exactly what everyone needs !
        • Eyeshadow brushes- May seem pretty basic. You need more than one eyeshadow brush to blend in different colours. 
        • Blending brush- This is a very important tool you need for blending your eyeshadow ! This can be used for doing other stuff like highlighting or applying compact too ! I prefer MAC 217, but there are less costly alternatives too.  
        • Angled brush- For those who love the eyeliner with eyeshadow thing, angled brush is the thing for you ! You need this for all kinds of eyeliner, to get a winged eyeshadow !
        • Lip brush- Lip brush is similar to the angled brush. You can use its thin tip to do a lot of things !

        5. Contour and highlight- If you are not looking forward to spending too much money, eyeshadows work for highlighters and bronzers work for contour !

        I hope I made the basic makeup tools list easier for you ! Hope you liked the post ❤️ thanks for reading 


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